The Least You Can Do is to Do Nothing!


It will not be possible for me to explain how a country is run in one small article, not even a book. What is intriguing however, is that people with minimum knowledge claim that they know. Trust me people, only a minority knows, and the majority thinks that money is made through a printer.

Whatever you do in your daily life is actually at a cost on someone. In most cases, the government, your government, is paying for you to enjoy life. Basically, you, by simply living, are a liability to someone, unless you choose not to. Let me explain what I mean by this.

You sleep and enjoy the air conditioning that is powered by electricity, which is subsidized. You wake up, take a shower using subsidized water, that has the government take cost in ensuring you receive the water in your bathroom, at your home. You put on your clothes, wave goodbye to your kids, who most probably are going to government supported schools, drive your car with subsidized petrol, and head to work.

You don’t drive on dirt; you actually drive on paved roads through traffic lights and signs, administered by traffic police. All of this is paid for, maintained by, and built by the government for you. At the end of the day, you are costly even without doing anything, you still are a burden, and the list goes on.

As I have mentioned in the last article, Bahrain prides itself for being the number 1 country in the world with its tax regime. Basically, not you, nor your neighbor or foreign guest pay for any of the services listed above. Wherever you work, whatever you do, the government pays for you. That’s why, the least you can do for your country is do nothing. If you don’t want to be costly to your government, then you shouldn’t drive a car, use electricity, go to school, get health care, or even drink water. Can you do this?

Let’s face it, nobody can this, so whatever you do, you’re still being pampered, no matter where you live on this special piece of land. You cannot let yourself enjoy a one-sided relationship, because that is simply selfish. So what is the solution?

Selflessness is the solution, and in plain English, you need to pay back, whether you’re asked to do so or not. Here’s how to do it.

Productivity, whatever and however it looks like is key. You don’t need to count days, weeks, or even months, just count the years. Every year, look back, and make sure you have done something productive, at work, with family, or to your society. The leadership pays all of this not so that you would work for them, but for yourself, to develop yourself, because you’re an integral part of society. If you develop yourself, the whole society would benefit.

Decrease the government’s cost on you is another important factor. Now that you know you are costly, don’t make it more costly than it already is, or even try to help out as well in this cost. Don’t abuse public services for once. Save in water and electricity, buy a low consumption car, innovate, create, assist, stay healthy, recycle, and become a good citizen. Yes, we all see those who do the exact opposite of what we should be doing, so don’t be quiet, approach and let them know in your own way that what they’re doing is wrong.

This is our lovely country, and the problems in it are similar everywhere around the world. Don’t think that these tribulations are not yours, and that only the government should think about how to fix issues like these. We are all leaders, we are all family members, and this starts with us, so let’s remember that a hole in the ship would sink us all. God forbid…

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