You Can Always Be Smarter


It really depends on where you stand in your life to look at yourself. A lot of us do not know why they are alive, and what purpose do they surrender to or what objective they want to achieve. Ask yourself few of those questions, are you confused? Does your life make sense? Do you even know if you have a reason to be alive? Those are very important questions that every person deserves answers for in order to understand that every breath he takes is worthwhile taking.

I’m in a phase of my life that all of a sudden new bulbs are lit, ones I never new existed. I am learning something that is slightly adjusting my contemplation to life. I found out that sometimes I over exaggerate problems and think that solutions should be so big in order to fix what needs to be fixed. Is your life a complete mess that needs from you to work on fixing it, or is life actually very simple but we make it seem very complicated?

Have you ever seen one of those videos, where a speed artist would use creative methods to draw, and all you see is a very messy board while he is performing live? It may be a very beautiful painting, but you’re not able to see it because you’re used to only see things from a certain angles. Is it not a beautiful painting if you do not see it so?

For now, a lot of people already know that I am a swimmer, cyclist, and a runner and I love triathlon. I found myself so attracted to this and these sports that made me begin a new professional career in it, not as an athlete, but as a promoter of the sport as a mean to reach a national objective. Everyday, I try to attract the attention of the world to my country through triathlon, I try to increase the base of triathletes, and I try to bring together a very competitive team in an attempt to qualify to the Olympics one day.

Even though my emotions were leading my passion to grow this sport, I never saw the complete picture until very recently. Let me explain.

I am a fan of a Radio Show on Podcast called Zen Triathlon. For a while now, I’ve been a very close listener, and I learned a lot of good stuff about training, food, and the Zen way of life. I contacted the host one day and informed him that I am a fan, just to touch base. But time passed, and a lately he asked if I could come on his show to talk about Triathlon in this part of the world. I was really excited!

Being a good listener himself, he gave me more than 2 hours of his time. You can listen to the interview here.

While talking, I was also weirdly listening to myself. I was listening and observing my answers, in a peculiar way, on how important is it for us to search for our passion, and spend our time and effort in that place. I spoke and taught myself that the difference between performing well or not is mostly about understanding that you are where you are for a reason. We have been misunderstanding our lives wrongly all along. Today, if you open most of the books on job performances, it will tell you that you have to start doing what you like to do. Once you find your passion, they say, you will then perform very well.

Here, this methodology is actually a bit incomplete, or false. What I found out is that you just need to find a way to see things rather differently, because a small missing link might actually do the required job, whereby those books are suggesting is that you dramatic change in your life. My advice to you is to believe in yourself that you have been selectively placed where you are right there for a reason, and that nobody in this world is in the wrong place.

Let me use myself as an example and how simply introducing a new aspect in my life have turned things around to the way I have always wanted. I’ve always had a good vision, and my philosophy to life has always been unique as well. I know my purpose of being here and I know that I should always shoot to do an excellent job in everything I touch. But still, something was missing.

Without searching for it, God has brought it to me. There is nothing really that can describe it and give it the justice it deserves, but perhaps the closest description is a sound, “umph”! All I did was accept, and once I have accepted my eyes started seeing clearer, with new colors that I never knew existed. I didn’t change my job, I didn’t leave, and I didn’t go out looking for an answer. I just believed that I have a reason for being where I am, and then passion increased double-fold.

I strongly believe that whatever is planned for you by God is what you will get, nothing more and nothing less. Nobody can prevent what you will be having in life and nobody will give you more than what’s planned for you. Accept this fact and live in piece, you don’t really need to run faster than the speed of earth’s rotation to reach your dreams. Your dreams will come to you, just focus, work hard, and believe.

God works in ways you will never understand, what you need to do is acknowledge this fact and understand that you’re existence in the place of where you are right now is not a mere coincidence. Then, you will get your own “umph”, and when you do, take it, love it, cherish it, and live with it forever, because that’s what I will do!

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