Who Am I?

Contact Me at saqer.alkhalifa@me.com

Currently I work in the Ministry of Youth and Sport Affairs in The Kingdom of Bahrain as the Assistant Undersecretary of Youth Centers and Commission. I’ve been in this post since June 2016. This is my full time job. However, I do also have a number of volunteering positions, one of which is serving with pride as the President of Bahrain Triathlon Association. I’ve been in this position since December 2013.

I Spent many years as a student of Political Science. Then, I became a teacher of this great discipline for a short while. Asked by my government to represent it in Washington, D.C. as the Media attaché. Did so for a while. Then went back out of government representation and into the well-being of the economy. I earned my bragging rights by receiving my Ph.D. in Political Science from Claremont Graduate University.

Since you kept on reading, you should also know that I’m in love with a sport called Triathlon. I swim, and I bike, and I run a lot! Go to http://www.triathlon.bh if you’re interested to meet me and participate in the sport events we do.

And since you also kept on reading, you should really know that I’m an Alumni of one of the greatest military college in the world, The Citadel. Click above (The Citadel) to see what I mean!

I believe that the most successful person is not the one that does good in school, but the one that is able to apply in real life what he or she have learned in school. My definition of school is very different from yours. The school is an institution that can be both formal or informal. For example, a university is a school, and what you learn from the elders is a school as well.

Today, I try to be good because I’ve listened and read that being good benefits me, and just about everyone else. Being good means whether or not there are monitoring institutions, a person always acts optimally good. Who am I is not as important as who I want to be. We live, we thank, we do, we work, we try, we try again, we love, we care, we progress, we build, we grow, we do good, we did good, we lay in peace, we wake up, we be judged, we will be judged, and that’s the day we wish we were good, so be good.

Click on Contact me if you require anything from me. All the best!

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  1. Hello! I came across your page quite by accident. Am glad to have found it and thank you for sharing your thoughts. (Just became a member of the BRR recently 😉 )

  2. I would like to wish you the best on your new job as the head of the Triathlon Association in Bahrain and wish you also good luck in organizing the “Challenge Bahrain Long Triathlon” which will bring a lot of the world famous triathletes in the world to compete together with us, the local athletes. I’m also a proud member of BRR and will be taking part on that great event on December 6th.
    Thanks for making dreams become real!!!

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