It Won’t Work


The Republican and Democratic debates in America are really heating up. Candidates running for elections to become the next President of the United States of America are fighting within their own parties, as well as with candidates of the other party. While we are hearing almost everything about the candidates, the process of elections, the debates, the future of America, but here is one very important issue I have yet to hear.

The problem right now with America is that they have created a system of deception, and they have become victims of their own system. It is really a dysfunctional system that if not turned over very soon, America will continue digging itself into the whole it is currently in. Weirdly enough, and as crazy as it sounds, Donald Trump is right, America is not great today, and if the system doesn’t change, it will never be great again. Here’s the thing, Trump will not be able, and he’s not fit enough, to change the current system.

You see it doesn’t really matter who becomes the next President of the United States, aka POTUS. Whether it is Clinton, Trump, Sanders, or Cruz, they are going to face, once in office, the toughest constraining system on earth. They claim that POTUS is the most powerful president in the world, but to me, POTUS is the weakest country leader ever lived. He has so many interests groups to satisfy, so many at congress, at his own party, and various others as well that making a tough decision is as close to impossible as possible.

A President, a leader of the only superpower, is so weak that he cannot make a decision on Guantanamo Bay, on gun control, on bailouts, and celebrates wildly when a committee approves his nomination for a secretary of education. He was happy that they have approved his use of his Blackberry mobile phone, but was not allowed to drive a car outside the gates of the White House!

It is a nice system, but it is dysfunctional and inefficient. We hear the debates so dramatic about the changes each person would make, but the reality is that none of them would be able to make a change because once they become Presidents; their hands are going to be chopped off. In a way, if 9’11 didn’t happen, Bush and Cheney would only be dreaming of doing what they did.

The US Presidential elections are simply dumb political cycles that the majority continuously falls into. Remember when Obama said “CHANGE”, well, where is the change 8 years later? There are still 5 million homeless people in America, the debt is increasing, China almost owns America, and in relative terms, America’s power is dramatically diminishing. There are those who still think that Saudi Arabia and coalition had to get American’s approval before waging war against the Houthis in Yemen, or what is coming in the North.

I don’t think Americans should waste their time voting for Donald Trump, because he will be loved so dearly before the elections, and then hated so badly right after. He will begin a war in domestic politics, because the system he wants to work in is more suited for China and North Korea than America.

For America to be great again they need to give their President the power the he so dearly needs. America needs to do two things right now to save itself from collapsing. If America collapses, this will mean the end of Democracy as we know it. First, America as the savior of Democracy need to establish a system that makes sure only the best candidate becomes a President. Right now, it is only the funniest, weirdest, loudest, foxiest of them all has the best chances of entering The White House, so sad. Then, America needs to give their trustworthy President enough power so he\she won’t be laughed at domestically and internationally.

Unfortunately, if things don’t change, what we are seeing in America today is a bad signal for where democracy is heading in the future. If I had a say, I would vote for Obama, for 8 more years at least.

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