Life Is Hard

Sometimes you go through difficult times that you don’t know if it will accompany you forever. But somehow if you just hang in there for a while it slowly starts to fade away without you noticing, until you look back… Read More ›

Power On!

Oh boy, I don’t know where to start, I have even lost count of the days. The past few weeks were a personal record in being the busiest time in my career. Changing jobs is not easy to be honest,… Read More ›

I Am Changing Jobs!

  What we fear without noticing is always stepping into the unknown. We call it risk, where people either in their conscious or subconscious mind assess the plusses and minuses and decide whether or not to take this step into… Read More ›

Politics and Sports

  Sometimes it just frustrates me when people make judgments with so little or no background information on the subject matter. Other times I simply understand, if I was that ignorant. Still, what is important is to always be ready… Read More ›