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Today I am beginning a new chapter in my life. I’ve been appointed as the President of Bahrain Triathlon Association, a newly established association that overlooks the sport of triathlon in the nation. It is really an honor, with tremendous responsibilities. First and foremost I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, The Chairman of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports and The President of the Olympic Committee, for bestowing his faith and trust on me for this position and I pledge to dedicate my time and effort to develop this sport in Bahrain to ultimately benefit the citizens of this lovely island.

What is going on in my head right now, what do I want to do, and where do I want to be in the future all depends on some key factors I believe are very important to success.

My new job today is not any different from what I was doing yesterday. In fact, it is no different from what we all do together. Every day of the week, we work in our own unique way to develop Bahrain and attempt develop the Bahraini citizens’ life. In each way, we try to improve the economy, which would spill positively to benefit everyone who lives and depends on the economic business cycle. Our wages should improve, our education should improve, our services should improve, and thus our lives would improve. This complete cycle develops only with many individualistic dedications brought harmonically together.

One of the first things the board of directors and myself agreed on is to develop a vision which is consistent with the nation’s vision, then develop objectives and strategies in line with the macro state-level vision. In many career development courses, we learn that even organizations’ logos should follow the vision that was developed for all members to consistently repeat. If strategies were placed according to the vision, then tasks would find themselves difficult to deviate from the true path. We already know what we are suppose to do, to do what you all are doing and play a critical role in developing Bahrain in our own distinctive way.

See, this country has done a lot for me. Lead by His Majesty the King; many of us have been given the opportunity to receive assistance into proceeding with education after high school in places far far away from home. Yes it is true that we will personally benefit from being properly trained and prepared for the job market, but then comes the responsibility of giving back to the society that has offered a lot to us. Even while on the job market, the state continues to provide health care, housing, and multiple other services, but what about what we can give in return? Whether or not we have the blessings of appointments, each one of us has to find a way to give back, even if through such opinionated and constructive articles.

Now I have been talking a lot, or typing a lot, about the vitality of being an important person in society. I, in short, have been talking the talk; it is now thus time to walk the walk. Being in the face of the public, accountable to them through media and the monitoring body of the Olympic Committee, walking the walk is where my board of directors and I will be judged. It is most definitely going to be challenging, establishing an association from the ground up, but succeeding in challenges yields great returns. Yes I do fear failure, which is why I should become a master in overcoming fear on my path towards success.

Unlike many other sports, the uniqueness of triathlons is that it encompasses all types of athletes, beginners and professionals. At the local level, we have to think about spreading the sport of triathlon to as many people as possible. Football is considered our national sport, but why not attempt to take a small percentage chunk out of them, and others as well. Instead of watching, we want people to participate in triathlon in a festive mode. Worth a shot!

If we were able to bring and organize the best events in Bahrain, we will increase the pool of triathletes and by that support the growth of triathlon in Bahrain. In the long run, we believe that taking the right steps such as these would assist in giving birth to local talents that we can help develop into international triathletes. We know we can do it, but we all need to put our hands together for such a dream to come true.

Whether we are in the government or private sector, we work to develop the nation so that we can all enjoy living a well-deserved comfortable life. We can’t sit back and depend on the leading few to make our lives better, we have to work and help our leaders so that we can eventually help ourselves and help the generations to come. Don’t underestimate sports; it is not inferior to the economy.

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  1. Great news! For love of the the sport!! I wish to see this sport shine here as it does in other countries and that it will benefit residents as much as it does citizens.

    Congrats. Well deserved buddy!!

  2. First of all congratulations ! and all my best wishes for your future and career!

    I believe that sports is one of other domains in a country, a country / nation will bright when there is a lot of efforts spent in all domains including sports. Some people think that sports is a mean of entertainment, which I agree, but beyond that, when competition becomes regional / international, it is no more a mean of entertainment, the team is considered an ambassador of its country. Such kind of competitions we could make the difference of the efforts spent in each and every discipline of sports.

    I could read between the lines that you are able to give a lot to triathlon, therefore to Bahrain, and your believes are already a VERY GOOD beginning.

    Wish you all the best !

  3. Good news, congatulations, well deserved 🙂 I wish you luck in your new job 🙂

  4. Congratulations for establishing the Bahrain Triathlon Association and for being appointed President of the BTA. I wish you all the best and success in attracting as many people to the sport as possible.

    Please encourage Bahraini triathletes to participate in regional events, including the Arab Championships in Sharm El Sheikh on March 7th. Not only will this give them the opportunity to develop their skills through getting in touch with other top class triathletes, but they will also help the sport to develop in the Arab world in general.

    Having been living in Europe for most of my life by now, I am very happy to have plans to participate in Arab triathlon events in 2014, I will participate in Muscat on February 14th and in Abu Dhabi on March 15th. I’m also planning to be present in Sharm El Sheikh on March 7th, probably only as a spectator though.
    Each one of these events will be very special, but I’m happy that Lawrence of Arabia (Lawrence Fanous), the number 1 Arab triathlete will be at all these events. In Oman, we are even offering a 5-day training camp with him prior to the race.

    I hope to meet many Bahrainis there and I would be honoured to have the chance to meet and talk to you at any of these events.

    All the best.

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