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  1. You seem to be a believer in the power of education and admit that education reform is needed in Bahrain. Ok so far and we can agree on that. What I don’t understand is when you do have people that genuinely want to help reform education in Bahrain for the benefit of all Bahrainis, you punish them for taking a stand against corruption. I am talking about my husband who worked for Bahrain Teachers College until 2011, he only had the best interests of the students at heart. When he challenged the MOE because they were not supporting him in his work for their own self interest, he was punished for it. This is one of the many reasons people are on the street protesting, Saqer. Because they know that their is a layer of corruption and self interest at governmental level that is stopping many Bahrainis from having a better life.

    • I won’t disagree about lack of proper accountability. But from my position, I personally know that those who were suppose to implement the policies of fairness and development are the ones who have failed us. When you’re close to the leadership you know that the will is there and the attempts are being made, but we need proper implementation as well.

  2. Great, but what will happen to those who have failed you? I know that between the Crown Prince who I still believe is a genuine reformer and people like my husband who were employed to deliver his reforms there was a layer of corruption. Can we see them named and shamed and removed from their positions? Such a move will help restore much needed trust, don’t you think.

    • you’re right, the CP is a genuin reformer but he’s not alone. hopefully when the parliament gets more power the level of accountability will increase greatly and constrain people against corruption and enforce the defunct law.

  3. What worries me is there are those that want the best for Bahrain and then there are those who want the best for themselves. The latter group seemed to all club together and become so entrenched in the system it will be almost impossible to weed them all out. This is why the government needs a major ‘makeover’ so that the reformers can get on with their work without being held back. Do you think that would be a possibility?

    • Yes that is possible. You have to keep in mind that Bahrain is not a company, it’s a country, and moving from a developing country to a developed country takes effort and time.

  4. We shouldn’t linger on the past too much and look forward instead but I’d like to tell you why have come down on the side of that you would call the opposition.

    Bahrain is a country that he been crying out for major governmental reform for a very very long time. You are blessed with a nation of wonderful young Bahrainis who love their country, these are your foundations to a successful future in a world where power is shifting. The majority of Bahrainis, Sunni/Shia/Christian/Jewish/Hindu, they want peace. But they also want a future where their children can grow up in a fair society, where opportunities are there for everyone, not on the basis of their sect or family connections.

    But anger has been growing and over the decades, young internet savvy people have joined their angry parents and grandparents. The layer of corruption I was talking about have held back much needed reform. Money has been syphoned off to the wrong people. On February 14th 2011 there were a lot of angry people but they were just asking for the reforms that had been promised a decade ago. After February 17th things changed. When people saw their government shooting at their own people, they became irate. This was the biggest mistake your government made- killing people. You would say that is was unfortunate that these deaths happened, but the country was shut down and something had to be done. In hindsight, a lot more progress with reform shouldve been made in a decade, you wouldn’t have seen all those people on the streets. Yes, I understand that there some are people allied with Iran and not Bahrain but I believe this is a very small minority of extremists just as there are people in Bahrain who are allied to Saudi first and then Bahrain. Both groups are a minority. We have extremist groups in the UK like the BNP and our democratic system keeps them on the fringes.

    So what now? In my opinion your government needs to make some major steps to reconciliation now. That should start with the release of all political prisoners. Someone has to act to break this stalemate and as a government that has lost a lot of trust, it will have to be you that moves first. I hope you do because watching Bahrain, a place a hold so dear, fall apart like this is heartbreaking!

    • This comment shows me that you have not been following up on developments for many months now on Bahrain. Also, I believe you have the heart to know what it needs but a bit unrealistic on how to achieve certain goals. When thinking about governments that need major overhaul, you’re probably talking about 98% of world governments.
      Then, you also mention government shooting at the people after feb 17. This is an allegation proven wrongly by BICI report.

  5. I have very much been following developments on Bahrain, but you probably know that. What you are saying is that I have not been swallowing government spin and PR which is what disappoints you.
    How quickly you change your tone when I tell you I support the opposition.

    So what if 98% of the worlds governments need an overhaul? Does that mean Bahrain can wait around?

    Who shot those people on the roundabout on the 17th of February then? They shot themselves?

    It is not my job to tell you how to achieve your goals, I’m just saying whatever you are doing right now is not working.

  6. Forgot to add, thank you for talking with me which is more than what the British Ambassador to Bahrain did when I asked him a question. I was simply deleted!

  7. I don’t give up on people who I believe are not only talking but listening as well. I didn’t change my tone as much as it changes depending on what method I use to type up a response, whether on my cell phone or computer, makes a big difference.

    Actions and responsibility are two different things. The government was responsible for the deaths, yes, but it is not the one who took action, nor ordered killing anyone. Aside from those who unfortunately died in custody, most of the deaths occurred without intentions (i.e. clash). You can go ahead and read the BICI report first, then get back here. I’ll be here in sha Allah waiting.
    Thank You.

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