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I speak and write from my heart, and only in some lucky days, my mind is able to check, filter, and make sure that whatever I am ‘blabadizing’ is politically sensitive to whoever would listen or hear my publically exposed internal mumbling. Here’s the thing though, if I want to satisfy everybody, the best thing to do is actually do nothing at all, like walk around with an empty folder in my hand.

I’m not the type of person that would just sit down and watch must-be-defunct Homo sapiens take control and be really quiet about it. No, I’ve invested in myself, and my country and people have invested in me as well, and thus it is my duty and responsibility to stand up when needed and attempt to do what is right, in order to get the personal satisfaction that I desire. What I see is clear and what I want is straightforward, to serve and protect!

We in Bahrain have a society that is no where near its potential, it is not efficient, and many factions have evolved into blaming their laziness and lack of activity and productivity on others such as the government, saying that they need to be fed with a bigger spoon, with larger portions on it. The government, on the other hand, is not responding in the best way possible, as I personally believe so. They are a bit too nice about it, and really work hard to get a bigger and a heavier spoon, without investing in the hands that carries it. Infrastructure is what sustains growth, and long term planning, not loans and more social services.

That is basically it, and what I write or talk about is based totally and wholeheartedly on my personal belief, which I do have the necessary statistics that proves I am right. If you are smart enough, I hope, you would see that my ideas and thoughts are out in public, accepted by my society, with documents and awards, and commended by my leadership, with documents and awards as well. I do not hide, because I am scared of nothing, and there is nothing to be scared about. The only one I fear is God my dear friends.

But why would those who I criticize actually thank me for what I do? The answer does not exist in a hidden cave in the unknown desert, so why would people bother dig deep, this really fools me. The answer is because I have openly shown my admiration and respect to everyone, whoever they are, and they have seen it in my heart. There is nothing to hide, and there is no hidden agenda. We work together, and we keep pushing ourselves to do the best for our people.

But as they say, “Every family has one weird relative, if you don’t know who it is, then it’s probably you.” Once in a while, we meet people who claim they know something about you that you actually don’t know about yourself, or some weird theories like that. To those people, this is what I would say, and I would advise you all to do the same.

In doing research there is the inductive and the deductive method. One is the top-bottom approach, deductive, and the other, inductive, is the bottom-up approach. In deductive, you develop a hypothesis and you test it in order to confirm whether it is accepted or rejected. In inductive, you generally just attempt to theorize based on some observations. What we use in political science research is the deductive method, because it gives you the desired logical and scientific conclusion.

To those who doubt your work, or your passion to serve and make the world a better place, feed them your life and let them deduce, if they can, a scientific confirmation about the theory they have tainted you with. But here’s the thing, you shouldn’t bother, because haters are always going to hate.

My great grandfather has come to this lovely island to improve, develop, lead, and protect. His great grandson, me, is not a royalty who drives his Ferrari in the streets of Knightsbridge, he’s one that would continue upon his path, to be just, to be clear, to be with the people, to work for the people, and to respect and obey forever his King.

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  1. My dear friend
    1% can start revolution in other 99%
    and do great or terrifying things.
    Be happy that you are in this 1%
    who can change Kindom Of Bahrain
    to better 🙂

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