Should You Buy An Apple Watch or Not?


I have thought a lot about it, way before, since the days we only heard rumors about an upcoming iWatch, or the Apple Watch. It’s simple amazing, now that we know what it can do. You no longer have to get your phone out of your pocket every half a minute just to check if you have a message, or to read whom the message is actually from. You can glance at your watch, which is synchronized with your iPhone, and get all the updates, and more, right from there. The thing is, here’s why you should NOT buy an Apple Watch, and what you should invest in instead.

My close friends and family know how much of an Apple products fanatic I am. I used to be an opposition figure to Apple, back during the days of the reigning Blackberry phone. Blackberry was just simply amazing, like a computer in your hand. But when the iPhone 4S came out, I decided to give it a try and fell in love at first touch. Now, Apple in California designs almost everything I own that connects to the cyber world. At this moment, I’m typing this article through an Apple MacBook Air with my iPhone 6+ connected for some juice. In a distance, I can see my Apple Time Capsule, having most of our home’s videos, photos, and ‘other’ files.

The thing is, the Apple Watch is a bit different, it lacks a lot of what we really need, and provides very little in return. Moreover, there’s something is the market that actually gives you most, if not all, of what you really need. Let’s talk about the Apple Watch first.

The main reason why I went from the iPhone 5 straight to the 6+ instead of just the 6 is because of the battery. If we are in the wireless world, devices need to have power for at least a full day’s outing, without leaching yourself to a wall in an airport or a mall. The 6+ provide this, but the Watch does not. You would have to charge the watch each and every day, which means you will do so at night, while you’re asleep. If you would be a heavy user, it seems like you will unfortunately run out of battery when you’re partying at night, arriving home late because you simply and literally didn’t know the time.

Another important thing to note is that the Apple Watch is water proof, but not water resistant. This is very important. You can wash your hands and get it wet, but you can’t swim or perhaps take a shower. You would need to take it off and wear another watch when your doing water sports, which to me, doesn’t make sense because that means that the Apple Watch needs another watch for complements.

So what should you do? Well, you should get the Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire edition to be exact, and yes, that is what I am wearing right now. To be honest, just like when I bought my first iPhone, the 4S, and felt an incredible inner strength like the world is in my hands, this is what I am feeling right now with the Garmin Fenix 3. It is everything that we all need and supplements my iPhone 6+ just like they’re dancing Tango. The battery, more than a week, that sometimes I have to look in different places just to search for the charger again. The connection, always to the iPhone through Bluetooth, including WIFI and ANT+. It is a watch, a step counter, a sleeping pattern detector, and an activity tracker (XC Ski, Ski/Board, Climb, Hike, Trail Run, Run, Run Indoor, Bike, Bike Indoor, Pool Swim, Open Water Swim, and of course Triathlon). It is also a compass, and altimeter, a barometer, a temperature sensor, a Garmin camera remote control, a music control, a weather updater, a calendar reminder and viewer, a navigator, and shows all the notifications you have on your phone. The looks, well according to my personal opinion is that it is like a stunning real watch.


What Apple has on the Garmin are applications. The Garmin does have applications that you can download, change the face of the watch, or use some of them as utilities, but nothing close to the Apple Watch. However, think about it, do you really need apps on both your phone and watch? I have an iPad, I think I lost it somewhere in my house since I’ve bought my iPhone 6+ because work is now between the phone and the computer. I will definitely not work on my watch. So here’s the thing, the watch should remain a watch, and what Garmin has done to the Fenix 3 is just unmatched by the Apple Watch.

It is true that perhaps the Apple Watch would make a statement of who the owner is when sitting in a coffee shop, but that works against what we all are trying to do in life. We’re trying to get people out of their couches and create a very adventurous world, full of great activities that would energize people to go back to their office and perform maximum productivity. The Garmin Fenix 3 works and encourages its owner to get moving and become healthier by the day. The Apple Watch perhaps does the same, but it tells its owner to get up, wear another watch, and get moving. Why not just use one super watch for everything in life.

We need the tools so desperately that would make us more productive and healthier in life. In my new Fenix 3, as an active person, I no longer need any of my previous activity trackers. But for the Apple Watch, you still need to keep and use them.

Go buy the Fenix 3. By the way, what’s the cost of gold next year?

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  1. Hi…great information on Apple’s Watch…let us wait to see which Central Bank’s are going to buy gold and then predict.

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