Bahrain 2 Dubai

This week would keep me away from writing, or reading as well. I’m in Dubai right now, came driving alone all the way from Bahrain. Almost every person I know advised me not to drive alone from Bahrain to Dubai, but did I listen? NO! But did I enjoy the drive? YES!

I did what I really wanted, to be out there alone, enjoying the roads (and the potholes) all by myself, while watching the car’s temp condition, the level of petrol I have left and calculating how long would it take me till my next stop. It was a real enjoyment. I also drove without GPS Navigation, but I cheated though, there’s something in Google Maps called (Offline Maps).

I did destroyed the front face of my car though, because I drove through a sandstorm! However, I really don’t regret it, it can be fixed, and I can learn what to do for the next time! Yes, next time!


Now I’m in Dubai, overlooking an event here called Challenge Dubai, with a real man’s manual car! Here’s a 3 minute video of my road attack, from Bahrain, to Dubai! Enjoy!

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  1. Dr.Saqer Really nicely done. Thats the fastest i have ever traveled to Dubai 😛 great work.

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