Ego is a Disease!


It is astounding sometimes to see how people go about their daily lives without them acknowledging their inner powers. They may be in high positions controlling people’s lives, but their inability to understand the connection between the core of their character and the surrounding reality makes them fail miserably in whatever they touch.

To simplify matters to you my friends, this is also known as “ego”. What ego is actually is a failure of a person to control the bad side of us all, which is a devilish humanistic trait that makes us always want to be better than others. Ego kills relationships and spreads in our bodies like cancer if we don’t admit its existence. Ego doesn’t allow us to take the right route towards improving collectively and always convinces us to make short cuts and fast wins, while standing on our friend’s shoulders.

I have to admit that recently I’ve been facing an increased number of egoistic personalities. When they talk, the egoism is in every word they say and every breath they take. It’s difficult to focus on what they say except listen and wonder how on earth can someone fail in “psychology 101” or “leadership for beginners” courses during their first year of school. Almost everything is textbook “Do Not Do” or “Do Not Say” when referencing statements such as the use of the word “We” in place of “I”.

Here’s what all of us need to do in order to become better people and achieve higher grounds personally and professionally. The first thing is belief. When you’re a poor disbeliever, you won’t be able to convert yourself from a pessimist to an optimist, you will always hold back and fail to understand that a glass half full has enough water for whatever purpose.

Once you’ve become a believer the rest would be easy and straightforward. What you need to do next is to understand that benefiting collectively always and all the time supersedes individual benefit. For example, when making a decision and faced with a personal loss versus a group gain, you should always decide what’s best for the group. This may seem a bit difficult to understand, but collective benefit eventually leads to your personal gain in the long run more than the individual benefit in the short run. It is like investing in education versus investing in the economy. While economic investment yields almost immediate gain, the educational investment would build a stronger foundation for even a better economic investment in the future and higher and more competitive returns as well.

This theory can be applied in almost every aspect of life. An egoistic person would always fail himself and society because he would always choose himself, without admittance, over others. What he would do is be certain that he is credited with the decisions he makes, without the acknowledgment of his team.

Of course egoism comes in stages and levels, and we all have a bit of it. This is why it is extremely vital to concede this fact first before working on mitigating its effects and influences in our daily decisions. We shouldn’t make it stand between us and our friends, and we should always take a step back and remember that life is not worth running behind for. Force yourself to love the success of others and assist when necessary to hold the spotlight on your friends, and strangers as well. Be the important maestro that everyone wants to be on his or her side and speak much less than you listen. Refer to your peers and colleagues more than often and remember that their love and respect would carry you much further than their fear and disgust.

Remember that ego is a disease and the cure starts by simply acknowledging its existence.

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