Life Is Hard


Sometimes you go through difficult times that you don’t know if it will accompany you forever. But somehow if you just hang in there for a while it slowly starts to fade away without you noticing, until you look back and find out that you’re either ok with this reality, or things have changed to the better. Then you move on in life until the next big thing hits you again, and you start wondering again, but realize that almost the same exact way you have coped with earlier tough times, you’re coping with it again. But the thing is, how do you go ‘about-facing’ tough issues that you encounter throughout your life?

I remember once meeting an interesting person back when I was in America. Actually they were two, male and female. I was walking out of a Friday prayers during my second year as a Ph.D. student in Claremont, California. They asked if they can have a short talk with me right in front of the Mosque’s gates, and I stepped aside for them. They handed me few papers on a certain sect of Christianity and told me that I will go to hell if I do not convert to their religion. Interesting start.

I don’t think it was their lucky day, because I didn’t walk away. It was so interesting that I wanted to continue the discussion and conceivably give them a chance to win me over, if they can. They said that I’m going through hardship in life for no reason at all, and that in their certain sect, Jesus has already taken away all their sins, and no matter what they do, they will always end up in heaven. I told them it is very different in my religion, because I believe that you have to be good in order to go to heaven.

At the end, we all agreed that life is hard even without facing problems every day. However, we departed when I asked them a question and gave them the solution, which left them scratching their heads. I asked if life is hard, which of course they agreed, and then I also asked if heaven is better than life, and they agreed again. So I asked if they killed themselves (suicide) would they go to heaven, and they said yes. Then I told them that if I converted to their religion the first thing I would do is kill myself because I prefer heaven and I can’t wait, but they would have to do it with me. They didn’t agree to that plan, so I just said bye bye.

The solution for winners is never to take away their own lives; it is about learning patience, and strengthening your inner sole to accept the ticking clock’s slow speed. Time always find its ways to heal body and sole, and teach the mind great things. Don’t underestimate time, because with it, you will notice that you would always benefit if you use it wisely.

I used to be quick in making decisions and judgments, but then most of the time I regret those quick decisions. Of course there are times where you need to act quick, but if we tend to anticipate and be ready ahead of time, we would always act right once we face some difficult choices.

Take your time to look around when you’re in a mall or between the general public, each and every person has his own set of issues he/she are dealing with. Those laughs and smiles don’t mean they’re free, it just means that they’re better than you in knowing that life is hard, but it is just going to be ok.

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  1. Dear Saqer,

    Your thought process is very good and your conclusion is excellent.

    I guess the one whom you met does not know the basics of Christianity as in Christianity, one has to do good in this pilgrimage on earth to reach heaven. Also, one’s life is gifted by God and God own’s one’s life and hence cannot kill or commit suicide.

    I believe hardship in life makes us a better person and God gives hardship that we can endure cause He is the One who knows even how many strands of hair we have.

    Thinking back on my life, I agree with your conclusion. And I also have watched people in malls, hospitals, restaurants, airports and found different smile and what their eyes says. Now as I am learning counselling to be a helper for people’s mind, I am understanding many things around.

    Believe in God, hope for the best and take actions and my Dad (who has been called by the Creator) taught me it is always ‘All for the best’ which I carry on till this day.

    I really appreciate your wonderful writings which are essential for today’s people. Keep writing!

  2. Very interesting piece or writing,however i would like to pin point that if you think about it deeply,life is not hard,people are making life hard.
    Human beings in general have the same basic needs such as: shelter (home),food (water) and a solid family unit (relationships that will sustain the human race and development).
    All these needs and what is needed from them are actually given to us already by god (Allah).
    But as Human beings evolved,some demands from life have reached beyond a person capability.
    Religion gives a person a sense of direction and peace of mind.
    So ultimately it is true to say that things will turn out to b okay because nothing in life lasts forever!

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