I Have a Palestinian Friend

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If there is one thing many Arab students in America have in common, it’s that they listen to recorded series of lectures by Dr. Tariq Al Suwaidan. While education in the Arab world isn’t really that impressive when it comes to illuminating the history of Islam, Dr. Tariq’s lectures inspiringly fill the curious gaps of what happened long before we were born.

I knew about Palestine, and I knew that I should hate Israel, because that’s what the norm is in this part of the world. But why, well, it took a while for me to find out. Actually, almost every day since I have listened to Dr. Tariq’s lectures on Palestine, I’ve been finding out more reasons to divert my anger away from Israel and towards the disappointment in the governments of the Arab world.

I have nothing against Jews at all, but people in general who support Israel, I’d say they’re either ignorant to what the state does, or they’re evil, because they support a Devilicious state. What Israel is doing to the Palestinians is something inexpressible at all, but the way I see it, when a person is weak, bad people are going to make use of his weakness, and that’s why I see Israel as bad.

But that’s that, and Israel is not the only ‘evil’ state in the world. There are many two faced countries around the world, and being democratic doesn’t make them any different. I can name countless of them off the top of my head with an angelic domestic policy and an evilistic foreign one. That’s the politics of International Relations.

But what about Arab, is it enough to state that Israel is evil so there’s nothing to do? The formula is very simple, you strengthen yourself in order to protect yourself, and you need to be strong in relative terms in order to empower good over bad, well that’s if you believe in yourself of course.

Since this is very easy to note, the Arab States actually did something about it. They know that Israel is bad, and that the Palestinians deserve to be treated fairly and supported wherever they ended up in the Arab world, after being kicked out of their own homes by the democratic Israeli state. So the Arab League, which is made up of all Arab states, decided to pass a mandate for Palestinians to be treated with equal rights to nationals of the country they live in. The reasoning was logical, because this is the least one can do, with good intentions.

But is reality a reflection of how much Arabs care about Palestinians? Not one single bit. Today, while many choose not to blame themselves, but the people of Palestine for all the injustices they are facing, Arabs are turning out to be treating them almost similar to how they’re being treated by Israel! The problem is, they actually are using inhumane reasoning for their treatment. Here’s the logic: If Palestinians are accommodated well in Arab states, then Israel would have solved the problem of refugees! I say: How about we care about humans first, then care about stolen lands!

I have a Palestinian friend, and I can’t answer most of his questions unfortunately. But we can do something about it, and we can empower ourselves again to face evil in the eye and force it to walk away with its tail between its legs. It starts with allowing Palestinians to freely travel to wherever they want, and invest in any Arab nation they wish.

For now, my Palestinian friend is not allowed to visit Palestine, simply because he was not born there. The country he was born in does not allow him to invest there. Egypt, for example, doesn’t allow my friend to visit simply because he’s under the age of 40. Saudi says that Palestinians and Yemenis are two No No’s in their list. And the list goes on.

We look at the West and complain about the hasty generalization that Muslims get, while it was only Bin Laden and a few knuckleheads who attacked the free world. Why do we do the same to the Palestinian people? This is hypocrisy, and a sad reality to accept.

Let’s not forget about Palestine people, because we all are part of the problem, it’s not just Israel and its axis of evil.

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  1. I have never look at it this way, but I think this is completely true.

    Great article and an interesting point of view

    Thank you and keep up the good work

  2. Your point is original and interesting but there are, at too many occasions the word “evil”, which looks for me as if you would try to convince yourself and the reader to “evilise” Israel in order to talk about an internal problem in Arab countries. Can a normal Arab person living in the Arab world write an article about Palestinians without hating Israel? Is it really the “norm in that part of the world” or is it that you have the choice of what to think?

    • Good point. When I write evil I’m referring to two things and you grasped them well. It is actually the norm here as well as if you look into the politics if Israel you’d see evil all over it. For example. Palestinians are not allowed to return to their homes, but any Jew from any part of the world who is not associated in anything with the Palestinian lands can enter Israel, become a citizen, and enjoy land and house in the stolen lands. That’s evil.

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