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  1. This is a proper opportunity to talk about what happened in Bahrain in “former Pearl Roundabout”

    I am foreigner I have spent in Bahrain 5 years (2007-2011), I was working in Bahrain Financial Center and leaving in Muharraq. And my way back home is the former Pearl Roundabout where were the protestors who were pretending that it is a peaceful protests, I have been caught by teenagers in the former Pearl Roundabout who beat my car because I look foreigner. I could not understand that teenagers are protesting!!!! And for what? Do they have the legal age to protest and to elect ? and do you think that a lady alone in her car going back home from work will offense them ?
    And another time the adults protestors tried to beat a men with a metal rod on his head because they heard him saying his name in the telephone which is “Khalid” and you can understand why his name is making for him such kind of problem but hopefully he avoided it at the last seconds intelligently.

    With all my respect to Mr. Nick Kritoff, he has interviewed only one part and he did not interview the second part.

    I would also ask him if he has seen the number of the protestors in his video published and if he have seen the number of the protestors in the AL FATIH MOSQUE ?

    I would ask him also why teenagers were protesting ? did he know that beating a foreigner in her car in illegal and also against human rights ?

    Did he know why trying to beat someone whose name is “Khalid” ?

    I am sorry to say that the persons that he interviewed (except Dr. Saqer) are the instigators and the first persons to break the laws and the human rights.

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