The Palestine vs Israel Solution

It may be politically suicidal sometimes to talk about the reality on ground when facing the infamous conflict in the holy lands. Almost everyone included, the Americans, the Europeans, and the Muslims have two conflicting opinions about this situation, a public and a private one. We all know what the public opinion is, a two state solution, but here, I’ll be more realistic and talk about something we all know, but in denial to accept.

Here’s what we know happened, a group of armed Jewish extremists years ago from different parts of the world, under the support of European powers, marched into Palestine and created their own country by force, gradually pushing residents away from their homes and taking over their lands. As a consequence, countless numbers of Palestinians had to either cramp up in small areas or flee to all parts of the world, including Jordan, where an estimated 50% of its population are Palestinians. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

There were numerous failed attempts by the Arabs to reclaim the homes and lands of the Palestinians but for various reasons, Western powers step up to support the Jewish state against defeat. Under Western pressure to enter into peace talks, ever since they began, there are more Jewish people migrating to Israel and more Palestinians migrating away from Palestine. Pick any Palestinian living in Palestine or abroad, and you’ll be able to write a novel of sad stories.

So what’s the solution? To begin, we will not reach anywhere lying to ourselves just like what CNN is doing recently showing the suffering of women and children from both sides, thus, referencing that men need to be wiser and stop launching deadly rockets at each other, albeit their humongous difference in sizes. Yes, this may be true, but there’s a much bigger elephant in the room, and it is the one I have mentioned above in the second paragraph above.

Whether or not politicians and heads of states like Morsy of Egypt would want to recognize Israel as a state in order to seem like a good Western choice to keep, the Arabs and Muslims around the world clearly see every single Jewish migrant in Israel as an outsider, and more importantly, as an aggressor. Buying a house in a neighborhood through legal means and adhering to the formal and informal regulations is something that neighbors would easily accept. However, stealing a home, forcing your own formalities, and complaining about your neighbors is nothing less than asking for trouble, and trouble will come.

Wherever we look in the future, there is only one thing for certain, and in order for us to battle what is heading towards us, there is only one thing we can do. Israel, America, and the West, are powerful nations today, however, as we all know, power is not something that sleeps besides you all the time, forever. Power, is not a constant but a variable, it increases and decreases, or in other words, it comes and it goes. The Muslims were one day more powerful than they expected, their rule extended from the far East, to the far West, and some parts of Europe today. Romans, Persians, Great Britain, and many other examples are for us to study learn from. Thus, making good friends is a necessity in today’s world, because you will sure need them tomorrow.

What’s heading our way is an inevitable war that no one would be able to control or end. Technology today tells us that technology tomorrow will be easily available to anyone looking for it. While Israel may be able to target individuals in its ‘to be assassinated’ checklist, but it will never use a weapon of mass destruction just around its territories. Let’s not kid ourselves, there are people, many people, living amongst us today who will never accept the existence of a Jewish state in Palestine. These people may be able, or perhaps will be able, to manufacture WMDs in their garages in the near future.

The one and only solution is to therefore to sign an international agreement of a ‘One State Solution,’ not two. One state that guarantees equal rights for all, return option for all Palestinians, migration of those who forcefully took over homes and lands which don’t belong to them (or the option to but those properties under real owners’ consent), protection of institutions that support economic growth (education, innovation, infrastructure, financial, etc.), and a government that protects the rights for all religions to exist in harmony.

I truly understand why many are talking about a ‘Two State Solution,’ but to me, talking about this unrealistic solution is like admitting that the problem in Palestine is due to Arabs and Muslims’ relative weakness, which is actually very true.

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  1. First, I congratulate you for your optimism and for your tolerance. You are really great. I am glad to read something from a REAL Muslim.

    I think that people think politics and never think human. They think power and never think friendship.

    I have been living in a country where there is Jewish and Muslim. And all the area is a mix of the two religions. I have seen a total segregation between them. My family was the only family in the whole area having a good contact with Jewish.

    After years, I heard that all our Muslim neighbors think that we are Jewish. It was so funny for me and I was happy to know that our Muslim neighbors thought such kind of think because, at least, I understand that they are not tolerant.

    We have been leaving together, for almost 15 years, in the same area and we have never got a single issue or misunderstanding. On Fridays, they know that it is our sacred day and they are respecting and on Saturdays, we are respecting also their sacred day. In all the Muslim religious celebrations, they are the first to come to our house and wish for us all the best and during all their religious celebrations we are doing the same. As simple as it is, we are sharing together everything as neighbors.

    By the way, I am listening to folkloric Jewish music which I like so much among other kinds of music.

    I really encourage such kind of project of “ONE STATE SOLUTION”

    For me, Arabs are weak because they are not tolerant. And I would also emphasize that tolerance is STRENGTH.

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