Unity is in our hands only

Have we ever thought and realized that to have peace, feel the freedom and live with love and dignity  comes from ourselves not Bahrain only!

Yes lots of people are blaming each others when they just knew that those factors are the basics of any peaceful and normal life.

As my self speaking, I was one of those people who was watching the battle and never got my self grabbed into it, why? not because am waiting the winner to be by his side and not because am afraid to speak myself out,  it’s because I never wanted to be a reason for breaking Bahrain into parts.

Am sure that whats happening now in our Bahrain got people into two main categories ( in a simple honest word: wefaq as shia vs fateh as sunna), and who is not supporting one of them is named “hypocrite” , yes and I am one of them that wherever I went I was asked to choose.

Let me refresh all the memories, I never remember that I was raised or as I dealt with BAHRAINIS back when I was kid that I had to distinguish between sunna or shia! As I didn’t realize I am shia or sunna till last year, when people categorized me by their selves and according to the circumstances life threw me in..

We all have wounds, and we are all seeking for our rights, some lost their beloved ones, some who were humiliated and others who feel neglected not only shia or sunna, we forgot that Bahrain consist of Christians and Jewish too, WHY? because those people who shout for their rights went so selfish that they forgot that Bahrain for all!!

We are losing Bahrain from our hands, yes, and whats Bahrain without its real people?! Real Bahrainis, who were known for their pure souls and by their unity for ages. What we will gain from all of this extremism? Nothing other than a shattered  Bahrain. we forgot that the main goal is the mother country not people wishes.

If we started with ourselves and woke up now to begin getting back our unity, and believe for the first time that Bahrain is more important than individuals wishes, we will reach a level that most of us will gain the trust and love back, power is always in the group and team work not individuals ..

I don’t remember that Islam raised us on harming others or distribute hate around us, for those who shout with Islam and freedom, please go back to the basics of your religion , it’s all about love, unity and morals . It’s not a mistake to stand for the right even if it’s not as we wish, it’s not a mistake to separate between religion and politics, it’s not a mistake to use our minds and think how to work collectively , as it’s not a sin to think of each others before ourselves..

I will always shout out ” I am proud to be Bahraini” because deep inside I certainly believe that real Bahrainis have no fortune other that respect and care for others and I am sure that whats happening now will be fixed, how , when ? It’s all IN OUR HANDS. lets wakeup first then we ask for our rights ….


Aqeela S.Abuidrees

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