GCC Unity and Monopoly?


I know I mentioned last week that I will be unveiling, with sound evidence, the hidden agenda of a known Human Rights Organization. However, because of the latest developments, I will go back on my word and discuss the GCC unity today.

As many of my readers are used to it, I will continue to make things simple and explain what needs to be explained to you all in that sense. Let’s go through the questions and then answer them one by one. First, who will be the number one beneficiary out of this union? Second, who will be the number one looser out of this union? Third, are there others who will benefit as well? Fourth, what should be your position with regards to the proposed union.

Many in Bahrain and the GCC have been exceedingly for this union because of the ongoing regional political tug of war. Also, many have been dreadfully against the union because they see it in a way as if Bahrain is being handed over to Saudi Arabia. Let me tell you all one thing, in such a union, politics plays a large role, but it always takes a back seat to economic and social benefits. So, remove your political spectacles and put on the economic and social ones for now.

First, the number one beneficiary from any kind of union is the individual citizen, not the government. Let’s take an example for better understanding. If you were a businessman, now, all of a sudden, your consumer base have just grown so much where the legal system will protect your merchandise much better to a much longer distance. If you were a consumer, you now have more options for the scarce resource you have, which means you will be able to buy more things with the same amount of money. Not just that, but because of market competition, the products you will buy will now be of better quality and the services you will receive will also be much improved as well.

Second, the number one looser will be the monopolists or those cheaters who try to achieve the monopoly status. A monopolist is one that has total control over a certain market and it can also be applied to the psychological market as well, but let’s stay away from that for now. Thus, anyone who enjoys total control or is working his way towards total control will stand against any kind of union, because new players will be introduced to the market, and the competition will force him to play a fair game, which is something that monopolists dislikes.

Third, there are two general groups who will benefit out of this union. The first groups are those who pushed for the union. Because of the tremendous gains by the business sector and the consumer market, the positive outlook will lead to high levels of satisfaction directed towards the decision makers in this country. Thus, the political stability index will most definitely witness a large positive leap in Bahrain, which is a major goal for every forward-looking government in the world.

The region as a whole will also benefit tremendously from the at-work union. One single army is much stronger and better capable of providing security services than two or more single cooperative armies. In simple terms, we all know that a person can break one stick at a time, but when placing all the sticks together, he cannot. This approach does apply in the real world and especially to this region’s security. Without any doubt, the whole world is interested in the natural wealth this region is blessed with and some may use overt or covert tactics to tap into the wealth. This region must unify in all terms today in order to create an emerging and self-sustaining economy while pushing away the ‘oil curse’ we are witnessing.

Finally, your position should be to support a unified GCC by all means and think about the economic and social gains to you and your family and friends first because the political and security benefits will, by default, hop in the bandwagon. We desperately need to maximize capital and labor mobility throughout the GCC. We need our rulers to stay, because it is they themselves who are the driving force for social and economic integration and development, whereas others are more interested in playing monopoly.

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  1. You really are utterly, utterly wrong. I would normally try to explain why but its just not worth it as you are too far gone to debate with. Very sad to see you abandon your critical faculties

  2. GCC Union is difinitely of great benefit to business and consumers in Bahrain. For Saudi Arabia the union with Bahrain hardly makes a difference. The benefits for Bahrain however can only be assured with many security assurances. This is because Saudi Arabia when compared with Bahrain lacks far behind in transperancy, accountability, freedom of movement and expression, legal mechanism, etc. So difinitely a merger of any sort with Saudi Arabia will be harmful for Bahrain but a union with guarantees of the freedom citizens of Bahrain currently enjoys will be a great boon. Let Bahrain negotiate a union while ensuring the current progress.

  3. Well said .

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