Selling my car :(

Men treat their cars well because somehow we feel very attached to the car. But, then comes a day when the two need to depart and detach. Yes it is painful, but the family is growing and grown up men need to act like, well, grown ups. So toys should be put away and minivans should be the car. No matter how much I love my car, my love in driving my family in a minivan supersede’s it. While I love my car so much, I am going after pride, which is something that I feel when I make such sacrifices in order to be a model father for my kids.

I’ve done a lot to my car, so read along to see how I put everything together to make up a daily driven beast. My aim was to convert the Subaru STI into a car that fits my lifestyle. I do a lot of sports, like running, swimming, and bicycling. So, I need to keep it looking sporty in a way, fast in a way, but reliable. Also, I tend to leave home for the simplest of things, like go buy a coke or a sandwich from a nearby place. The Masjid that I pray in is close by, but sometimes I won’t make it on time if I walk. So, I need to be able to start the car almost 6-8 times a day without facing any issues. To balance all this, I had to make sure that the car is as powerful as I want it to be, as reliable for every day use, and as sporty and fun as possible. I ended up doing the following.

I replaced the boring STI grill with a sport mesh grill, blue of course to match the color of the car.

I also added the accessory around the exhaust tip to make it look nice from the back


The BBS gold rims and nice blue paint job didn’t need more for the car to look extra beautiful. It was already a work of art. However, it is a rally car, and rally mud flaps are necessary, so I got them and installed them myself in my garage.

Then I dipped inside the car. The six speed manual transmission was already short and sporty, but Kartboy short shifters had to be included, so do the nicely finished black marble gear knob.

In order to protect the turbo and the engine, I had to include a turbo timer, which really caused me a lot of trouble with people when I looked the car and walked away. People yelled at me “Hey, you forgot to turn off your car!” I told them I had a turbo timer installed, and then realized that I needed at least half an hour explaining what a turbo timer is. So forget it! (The company is Blitz, the best in the market)

The looks were good, I love the drive, but now I had to go for speed and sound. My STI was about to become a monster. A combination of four very influential things gave me around 95 extra horse powers, which made the car go from 0 to 100 kilometers in around 4 or less seconds. The first of the bunch is AEM cold air intake.

Cold air rushes to the engine, does its thing, and then comes out from the Turbo through Invidia 3 inch Down Pipe.

Fast moving through the coated downpipe, air then enters the cat-back Invidia muffler, that produces something very musical to the ears, and out through four beautiful Invidia tips.


These three have to be summed up with professional tuning made by COBB through their intelligent Accessport device, which I own and comes with the car.

And the final product work of beauty that includes all of the above is here.

So what do you think? Say it below.



4 replies

  1. Amazing ride , it’s my favourite Subaru. Well done

  2. *Drools* the car, but really love what you have done to it. I have to admit, I can’t help but admire that piece of beauty everytime I see it and the noise..just like music to my ears.
    Good luck getting over not having it anymore and well done going for the van.
    Wish you all the best and God bless.

  3. how much do u want it for, what about the model, and millage

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